Substance abuse plaques millions in our country, but thankfully, drug rehab centers offer life saving treatment. We are here to help boost your drug rehab center marketing campaign so that you can help more people this year than ever before. With our SEO services and web design solutions, your company can focus on helping others.

Welcome to 12 Steps Marketing!

I’m Vince, the CEO and founder of 12 Steps Marketing. As an SEO company in Pasadena, we’re particularly focused on ROI and using proven digital marketing frameworks to help those in the healthcare, behavioral health, and mental health verticals.

We’ve helped hundreds of drug rehab centers, mental health treatment centers, therapists, psychiatrists, and plenty of other niches. We can help find new clients, boost online traffic, and increase sales.

SEO Services - Rank Higher & Increase Site Traffic

To convince search engines your drug rehab website is the most valuable for consumers, it needs to be optimized and this process is called search engine optimization (SEO). On sites like Bing and Google, this ensures your website shows in the early pages when potential clients search for related terms.

Considering there are so many different digital marketing techniques, it can be difficult to know which deserves your attention. Don’t fear, we can provide advice when it comes to SEO!

Google Ads (AdWords) - Drive Quick Traffic & Conversions

Paid traffic from search engines is a brilliant, though time-consuming, way to generate leads, traffic, and sales.

Unfortunately, profitable campaigns are difficult to implement so speed does not equal simplicity in this case. We find that most beginners bid on ‘vanity’ keywords that not only cost more but also lack the ability to convert.

When you partner with us, we’ll create a proper sales funnel and AdWords campaign so your PPC investment is spent wisely.

Retargeting - Re-Engage Your Cold Traffic Into Paying Customers

If a brand wants to generate awareness these days, there’s no doubt social media is one of the most effective methods of doing so. This being said, building meaningful relationships with customers takes both time and effort…two things most brands lack.

Before opening an account and simply talking constantly about the brilliance of your brand, you need to provide value to the industry and this comes through answering questions, talking with customers, and discussing important topics.

Again, we can help generate demand by showing prospective patients that you’re the solution to their problems (even if it’s a problem they didn’t know existed initially).

Referral Marketing - Grow Your Clinical Partnerships

Ever seen practices working together to advertise their services? This is a brilliant technique and one that positions a brand within a professional network.

To promote you as part of a reliable and professional network of services, we can open the dialogue with potential partners and get the ball rolling.

100-Day Unbeatable Gurantee

We don’t care about the size of your practice, we don’t care about your budget, we can tailor our proven marketing frameworks to suit your needs.

We guarantee tangible results within 100 days, and you stop paying if we can’t live up to our word.

If you want to improve website traffic, generate leads, and boost your bottom line, we’ll match the intensity of our efforts to your desired growth rate and budget.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation call. We’ll learn more about you, you learn more about us, and we can discuss marketing for drug rehab facilities!

Learn About Our 100-Day Challenge

Our 100-Day Guaranteed Results Services

No matter what type of marketing goals you have, we can help you reach them.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Grow your organic traffic by +30% in 100-Days

  • PPC

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

    Improve your PPC ROI by +10-30% in 100-Days

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Improve your landing-page conversion rate by +10-30% in 100-Days

  • Referral Matchmaking

    Referral Matchmaking

    Develop 30 strategic referral partnerships in your local region in 100-Days

  • Social Media Retargeting

    Social Media Retargeting

    Improve your Facebook, Instagram, ROI by +10-30% in 100-Days

  • Landing Page Design

    Landing Page Design

    Built a ROI focused high-performing landing page design

Learn About Our 100-Day Challenge


There’s no catch.

If we can’t add value to our clients in 100-Days or less, we’re not doing a good enough job, period.

We hate dealing with unhappy clients as much as you hate waiting for results that take 12 months.

We are confident that we can put together a scalable lead generation sales funnel for your business in less than 100-Days.

If we can’t deliver tangible results in 100-Days or less, you stop paying us until we do.

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